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Advanced Tracking Platform

Fuel monitoring

With our cutting-edge fuel monitoring solution, you don’t have to worry about the fuel control anymore. Our system offers intelligent tools for you to: track actual litres of fuel refilling; track real-time fuel consumption; detect the fuel thefts and critical fuel level; What you get is 90% decrease in fuel thefts, 15% reduction of fuel costs and 30% optimization of fleet efficiency.

Fleet Management

We take the fleet management to a whole new level by offering the ultimate fleet tracking platform that lets you maximize your efficiency. How? By cutting fuel, labour, and depreciation costs through decreasing the idle time, managing driver behaviour, optimizing the routes and not just that. Besides, the flexibility and customization options of the platform’s reporting system make the fleet management easier than ever.

School Bus Control

The safety and security of children in school buses are now under thorough control of the advanced GPS tracking solution. It monitors the fuel consumption, bus cameras and temperature as well as driver behaviour. The system offers: Trip reports; SMS/email notifications for entry/exit/route deviations/overspeeding; SMS notification for bus arrival; Real-time tracking. Moreover, we implement fingerprint scanners and RFID technologies for advanced passenger flow monitoring.

Who We Are. What We Do

Founded in 2013, Novel Technologies Discovery is an innovative research & development company located in Meerut City of Uttar Pradesh in India. It focuses on the implementation of services for fleet management and fuel monitoring. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, the solutions provided are easy-to-use, highly accurate and reliable. They help to reduce the number of road accidents, pollution level and increase the efficiency of your assets. On top of that, they are within the client’s budget.

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